Friends' Outing to Ormesby Hall - November 2013


A recent visit to the National Trust property, Ormesby Hall, proved to be popular. Members brought along family and friends to enjoy a specially organised tour of the Hall called 'Putting the House to Bed'. 

First the Ormesby Hall voluteers explained and demonstrated how they care for the hundreds of books - showing how each one is dusted with special brushes, the conservation work logged and the books replaced in the exact same position.

 Conservation brushes 

Next came a visit to the digitisation suite where items are photographed for preservation and cataloguing. One of the fascinating differences between digitising artifacts and documents is that artifacts have to be photographed from every possible angle to record any damage, however slight.



Members were treated to an 'up close and personal' viewing of the WWI items that one of the Pennyman family took to the trenches. It was really to see the variety of items and the wear and tear from use.

 Pennyman WWI

Ruth Pennyman was heavily involved with the arts and we were shown some costumes made for one of her plays, scenery backdrops and even some posters advertising the play. 

 Ruth Pennyman

The visit ended with a lovely light lunch and a cup of tea which was welcomed by all. Being the only visitors made us feel quite special and we highly recommend a further visit to see the many other aspects of Ormesby Hall, not seen on this occasion.

Ormesby tea