About the indexes

The Friends of Teesside Archives have indexed some of the documents held at the Archives.  You can search some of these indexes on this website.  All these indexes are for documents where people are referred to, so are valuable for those researching their family history.  Of course, the Archives also contain a large number of documents which we haven't yet indexed. So there may be a lot more documents there relevant to you than you will find here.  

We are continuing to index documents and to upload these indexes - you can find a list of those already uploaded by clicking here.


How to search


Our indexes contain surnames, first names and dates and keywords - all of which can be used to search.  Enter names and keywords into the search fields and, optionally, add a date range. You can also limit your search to particular document types using ther drop-down document type selector.  This drop-down will only show document types for which there are indexes to search.

Note that the search uses Soundex for surnames - so you don't have to know the exact spelling.


Contact the Archives


If your search finds a document which you think might be of interest to you, then you can contact Teesside Archives using the 'Enquire about this Item' button.  You can use this to arrange a visit to the Archives, or, if you are unable to visit, to ask for more information.




Soundex is a method for encoding names phonetically - you can find out more about it here.  Sometimes the results can be a bit strange!